John MacDonald

Trump the Messiah

More and more scrutiny is coming regarding the narrative that Trump is God’s chosen one. Iowa Evangelical pastors condemn ‘sickening’ video portraying Trump as messianic figure. See HERE. Christian Site: Trump Is “God’s Chosen Instrument.” See HERE

Penal Substitution Atonement (PSA)

This looks interesting. Spartan Theology shared he will be debating on the topic of PSA, which is one of my interests. I’ll have to follow up on this. Here is his opening statement:

Why Paul?

It’s one of the great literary mysteries that Luke researched his account and Paul is the great hero of Acts, yet Luke does not seem to have read Paul’s letters. Unless there is something else going on, like satire. It is often commented by secular critics that it is madness evil people should not be Why Paul?

Why the Nativity?

There is nothing indicated about the miraculous nature of Jesus’s birth in Paul or Mark. Scholars thereby generally conclude the virgin birth was a later invention by Matthew and Luke. The two genealogies of Joseph’s bloodline in Matthew and Luke might be a clue. Just as new believers are adopted into the family of God Why the Nativity?