Careful Analysis of More Objections to the Swoon Theory: INDEX

I have previously done a careful analysis of nine objections against the Swoon Theory presented by the Christian apologists Peter Kreeft and Ronald Tacelli in their Handbook of Christian Apologetics (1994; hereafter: HCA):

More recently, I have done a careful analysis of six more objections to the Swoon Theory presented by other Christian apologists, objections that do not correspond to any of the nine objections raised by Kreeft and Tacelli:

Objection #15 (Jesus’ Wounds) is the most recent addition to objections I will analyze and evaluate.

I had initially thought Objection #15 was redundant with Objection #1 (Deadliness of Roman Crucifixion) presented by Kreeft and Tacelli in HCA. But on further reflection, I realized that these were two different objections, because Objection #1 focuses on the motivation and expertise of Roman soldiers in carrying out crucifixions, while Objection #15 focuses on various specific wounds that were allegedly inflicted upon Jesus before and during his crucifixion.

NOTE: I do not plan on publishing my EVALUATIONS of these six other objections against the Swoon Theory here on The Secular Frontier. I plan to publish my evaluations of them in an upcoming book:

Thinking Critically about the Resurrection of Jesus: The Resuscitation of the Swoon Theory

This is because I want to have some of the material in the book available only in the book, to encourage people who are interested in this issue to obtain a copy of my book.