Thinking Critically about the Christian Worldview

Several years ago, I started making podcasts about the Christian Worldview in a series of podcasts called Thinking Critically About: Is Christianity True?

I made six podcasts and then started working on other projects. So, this year I would like to get back on track and produce at least a few more podcasts, enough to finish what I started. This will also be another TOPIC that I can cover in blog posts here at The Secular Frontier. I can work out my ideas on this topic in blog posts here, and then use the ideas from my posts to create more episodes of the podcast.

I won’t review the content of all my previous podcasts here at The Secular Frontier, but I should at least lay out what I take to be the Christian Worldview, and the key issues that one needs to address in order to think critically about the question “Is Christianity true?”

Here are four key slides on the Christian Worldview from a PowerPoint presentation for my podcast #6:

Given this analysis of the Christian Worldview, a full evaluation of the Christian Worldview would include an evaluation of the answers that this worldview provides to the four basic worldview questions. Are these answers true or false? probable or improbable? reasonable or unreasonable? Why or why not?