My First Book

I’m planning to write my first book this year:

Thinking Critically about the Resurrection of Jesus

Actually, a good portion of the book has already been written, at least in terms of the key ideas and arguments.

The book will have two main purposes:

  1. Critical Analysis and Evaluation of Peter Kreeft’s case for the resurrection of Jesus.
  2. Teach and Promote the key concepts, principles, and skills of critical thinking.

The initial outline of the book follows the main premises of Kreeft’s argument:

  1. Introduction to Kreeft’s Case for the Resurrection of Jesus.
  2. Introduction to Critical Thinking.
  3. Did Kreeft Refute the Swoon Theory?
  4. Did Kreeft Refute the Conspiracy Theory?
  5. Did Kreeft Refute the Hallucination Theory?
  6. Did Kreeft Refute the Myth Theory?
  7. Are There Only Four Skeptical Theories of the Resurrection of Jesus?
  8. Conclusion

Each chapter will focus on a few key concepts, principles, or skills of critical thinking, based on what is most relevant for the subject and thinking examined in that chapter.

Since Kreeft’s case for the resurrection of Jesus is very similar to Josh McDowell’s case,  I might also do some evaluation of McDowell’s case, especially where he has an argument or objection that is different from Kreeft’s on a particular subject (e.g. an objection to the Swoon Theory that Kreeft does not present).