Older Books Defending the Resurrection

I’m looking at some older apologetics books to see what kind of objections have been raised against the Swoon Theory in the past. I found a helpful bibliography of older books on the resurrection in the back of Our Lord’s Resurrection by W.J. Sparrow-Simpson (1905):


Some of the best older books defending the resurrection are available for FREE from Google Books.  Go to Google Play, select Books, then select My Books, then Ebooks, then you can search for and find some of the older books on the resurrection and add them to your “My Books” collection:

17th Century
A Demonstration of the Resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and therein of the Christian Religion (1669) by Richard Garbutt
18th Century
A Discourse concerning the Resurrection of Jesus Christ (1714) by Humphry Ditton
The Tryal of the Witnesses of the Resurrection of Jesus (4th edition,1729) by Thomas Sherlock
Observations on the History and Evidences of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ (4th edition, 1749) by Gilbert West
19th Century
Nine Sermons, on the Nature of the Evidence by which the fact of Our Lord’s Resurrection is Established (1817) by Samuel Horsley
The Resurrection of Jesus Christ: With an Examination of the Speculations of Strauss in His ‘New Life of Jesus’ (1867) by Robert Macpherson
The Resurrection of Our Lord (1884) by William Milligan
Apologetics: Or, Christianity Defensively Stated (1892) by Alexander Balmain Bruce
Early 20th Century
The Risen Master (1901) by Henry Latham
Our Lord’s Resurrection (1905) by William John Sparrow-Simpson
The Resurrection of Jesus (1908) by James Orr
The Resurrection and Modern Thought (reissue 1915) by W. J. Sparrow Simpson