The Resurrection of Dr. Sean George – Part 1: Summary

In addition to discussing the question “Is it ever reasonable to believe miracle claims?” at the NW Miracles Conference with Hans Vodder (a Christian thinker with graduate degrees in both philosophy and theology), Hans and I were given an opportunity to “cross examine” Dr. Sean George, concerning his claim that God had raised him from the dead. Dr. Sean George was also a speaker at the conference, and he had previously given a presentation in support of this miracle claim.

I came prepared with a PowerPoint presentation called “The Resurrection of Sean George” which contained lots of relevant information and skeptical points about Dr. Sean George’s miracle claim. But because of time constraints and concerns about switching between different PowerPoints by different speakers, I did not present this PowerPoint at the conference. Because of the time constraints, I had very little time to cross examine Dr. Sean George and to make my various skeptical points at the conference. So, I am planning to lay out those points fully, clearly, and in detail here at The Secular Outpost.

Here is a summary of Dr. Sean George’s alleged resurrection:

Here is a summary of my skeptical points about Dr. Sean George’s miracle claim (CA = Cardiac Arrest; IHCA = In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest):