Ten-Year Plan: Revised Scope

I am going to start my Ten-Year Plan this year.

However, I have decided to EXPAND the scope of the project; I will attempt to eat the whole enchilada, so ten years might not be enough time.  I wrote a previous post (offsite) on my Ten-Year Plan.

The question at issue:  Is Christianity true or false?

Here is the overall logic that I plan to use to do my evaluation of Christianity (click on image for a clearer  view of  the chart):

Evaluation of Christianity

Although it might require more than ten years to complete the writing of the series of books that will be needed to fully investigate each of the four questions,  I might be able to do a first pass of the four questions in less than ten years.  Perhaps I can do a first pass of one year per question, and try to sketch out my views on all four questions in just four years, and then I could go into greater depth and detail on the four questions for the following seven or eight years.

Note that even if the arguments of Christian philosophers and apologists win the day on each of the four questions, it does not follow that Christianity is true.  What follows is only that a few of the central beliefs/doctrines of Christianity would be true (i.e. God exists; Jesus exists; Jesus rose from the dead; Jesus is God incarnate.).

There are other important Christian beliefs that are not included in those beliefs.  For example: humans have souls; humans are sinful and in need of salvation from divine judgement; the death of Jesus on the cross made it possible for God to forgive our sins; faith in Jesus is sufficient for salvation and to obtain eternal life; the Bible is the inspired Word of God; the Holy Spirit is a separate person from Jesus and from his Father God; the Holy Spirit is God, etc.