Note to Dr. William Lane Craig

Dr. William Craig,

Thank you for reading my blog posts criticizing your case for the resurrection, and for your comments on those posts:

I have written two posts (so far) responding to your comments.

Concerning the issue of my scholarship and educational background:

Concerning your main point about the death of Jesus being uncontroversial:

I hope that you will someday take the time to read these additional posts, and respond to them.  If it makes any difference, these posts are written with a more respectful tone, in part to show my appreciation for your taking the time to read and respond to some of my previous skeptical posts.

Please note that my fellow atheist bloggers at The Secular Outpost, as well as some of my sharpest readers, have taken me to task for the disrespectful tone of those previous posts, so your objection to the “vitriolic language” of those posts finds sympathy with several of my atheist friends and associates.  


Bradley Bowen


The above  note was sent to Dr. William Craig on 11/4/15, via the Submit a Question form on Craig’s Reasonable Faith website.