Next Year

I wanted to retire this year, but that did not work out.   I might be able to retire a year from now, though.

There are a number of topics from this year that I plan to carry over into 2015:

1. The End of PoR?

John Loftus has argued that public colleges and universities should stop offering classes in the Philosophy of Religion.  I disagree.  But I have not yet evaluated his argument for the End of PoR, nor have I made my case in support of PoR.

2. Swinburne’s case for God

I finished the first draft of my article on Swinburne’s case for God.  The article is too long to be published by the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (it is over 200 pages long), so I will be working on cutting it down to about 80 pages.  After I finish editing a short version of my paper, I will probably put in some more effort at evaluation of Swinburne’s case for God.  Eventually, I will also explore the final phase of his case, which is presented in The Resurrection of God Incarnate.

3. Is WLC’s reformed epistemology stupid?

Bob Seidensticker wrote that William Lane Craig’s view that the witness of the Holy Spirit to the truth of Christianity takes precedence over evidence to the contrary is ‘stupid’.  I disagree.  But Bob has raised some questions worth further thought and investigation:   (1) Is WLC’s reformed epistemology stupid?  (2) Is WLC’s view of faith and reason stupid?  (3) Is WLC’s view of the priority of the witness of the Holy Spirit over evidence stupid?  I think the answer to all three questions is ‘No’, but I need to carefully and accurately analyze and evaluate WLC’s statements and arguments in order to be confident in my answers to these three questions.

4. Critical Thinking and Skepticism

John Loftus argued that it is more important to teach skepticism than to teach critical thinking.  I disagree.  I plan to further explore related issues:  (1) What is skepticism?  (2) What is critical thinking?  (3) What is the relationship of skepticism and critical thinking?

5.  Reasons for Skepticism

I plan to continue developing a case for skepticism, at least working on fleshing out my seven  Reasons for Skepticism.

6. Norman Geisler’s Case for the Death of Jesus

I will continue with my previous critique of Geisler’s case for the death of Jesus:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

One new topic (or two)  to add into the mix:

7.  The Case Against Jesus – My Ten-Year Plan

I was planning to retire this year and start work on a ten-year project of developing a multi-volume case against Jesus/Christianity.  The retirement did not happen, but I can at least get started on this project, even though it will be slow going while I’m still working my day job.