Jehovah is a Sexist – Part 6

I have finished examining the first three chapters of Genesis, and have also provided more than a dozen other examples from other parts of the Old Testament that show Jehovah to be a sexist (freely borrowing from Michael Coogan’s excellent book God and Sex: What the Bible Really Says):

In summary,  my reasoning goes like this: Jehovah is a sexist, so Jehovah is less than a perfectly good person.  If Jehovah is less than a perfectly good person, then Jehovah is a false god. But Jesus taught his disciples to pray to Jehovah, so Jesus is a false prophet, because he taught others to pray to a false god.  Since Jesus is a false prophet, Christianity is a false religion.  Thus, Christianity is a false religion, because Jehovah is a sexist.

Update at 5:25pm on 9/6/12:

I have added more examples of sexism from the OT to the above article, so there are now 21 different examples (other than the opening chapters of Genesis) from the OT showing Jehovah to be a sexist.  Add to that the fact that each of the first three Chapters of Genesis provides evidence of Jehovah’s sexism, and we are now up to two dozen reasons for concluding that Jehovah is a sexist.