How Many Ways to Analyze the Word ‘God’? – Part 4

I’m going to cut to the chase now, for those who have no interest in following the details of my reasoning (“Dear God, please make him stop! I will barf on my keyboard if he mentions ‘criterial conditions’ or ‘range of degrees’ one more time.”): 205, 240 definitions of ‘divine person’ can be generated from four divine attributes (power, knowledge, freedom, and goodness), four degrees of each attribute (resulting in 10 ranges of degrees for each attribute), assuming that at least one of the attributes is relevant to defining this phrase, and making the simplifying assumption that no other attributes are relevant.

I. All Four Attributes are Relevant: 180,000 definitions.
II. Only Three Attributes are Relevant: 24,000 definitions.
III. Only Two Attributes are Relevant: 1,200 definitions.
IV. Only One Attribute is Relevant: 40 definitions.

Details on III and IV will be provided in a future post.