Month: April 2009

Atheism and intelligence

There’s some research out there concerning correlations between intelligence as psychometricians understand it and atheism. I’ve come across (thanks to Prem Dhanesh) another example: “Average intelligence predicts atheism rates across 137 nations,” by Richard Lynn, John Harvey and Helmuth Nyborg. The abstract: Evidence is reviewed pointing to a negative relationship between intelligence and religious belief Atheism and intelligence

Quantum Gods

Vic Stenger’s latest book, Quantum Gods: Creation, Chaos, and the Search for Cosmic Consciousness is about to come out. Here is the blurb I wrote for it: Physics has developed a reputation of providing support for all sorts of supernatural beliefs, from old-fashioned religions to New Age ideas. Quantum physics, especially, seems to mean “magic” Quantum Gods

Against sharia I am politically in agreement with such anti-sharia activism. But I am also troubled by the way that we, when defending liberal secular Western individualist policies, we so rarely acknowledge the burdens such a regime places on devoutly religious people. We may defend our views in the name of minimizing harm, but we inescapably Against sharia

On Civility

I note that one topic that often pops up in various postings and comments here and elsewhere is the issue of civility. A writer will fequently charge another with incivility, and there will be a riposte charging hypocrisy, since, after all, the first writer has occasionally vented…and so on. Of course, discussions of religion and On Civility

Dallas Willard on the “Absurdity” of a Self-Sufficient Physical Universe

This is a longish post, but I would appreciate comments from those who have the patience to work through it. BTW, job responsibilities prevent me from getting into an endless loop of replies and counter-replies with respondents, so, if I fail to respond to all your messages, please do not feel that I am ignoring Dallas Willard on the “Absurdity” of a Self-Sufficient Physical Universe


Secularisms, edited by Janet Jakobsen and Ann Pellegrini, is a half-good book. The good parts contain a lot of valuable information about varieties of secularism worldwide and their problems. The bad parts, including the introduction by the editors, are overcooked postmodern drivel. It’s a wonder I didn’t give up on the book after a few Secularisms

Atheists have no ultimate explanation

“Atheists have no ultimate explanation for how the universe is. They have to leave it as a random occurrence.” There’s another common charge laid against the godless. And for naturalists, the accusation rings true. This need not, however, be a weakness. The ultimate explanations of traditional theism do not work. They all come down to Atheists have no ultimate explanation