How NOT to Argue for Agnosticism

I recently purchased a couple of introductory books on the philosophy of religion.  One of the books is by a contemporary analytic philosopher of religion, Richard M. Gale, titled: On The Philosophy Of Religion (Thompson Wadsworth, 2007).  The other is by a philosopher named Gary Cox, who is not a specialist in philosophy of religion: The How NOT to Argue for Agnosticism

What is Atheism? – Part 2

Levels of Analysis I’m going to make a second attempt to clarify and define the word “atheism”.  This time, I will emphasize that the analysis and definitions exist at different levels.  Swinburne’s clarification and analysis of “God exists” makes use of different levels of definition or analysis: Level 0:  “God exists.” Level 1:  God exists What is Atheism? – Part 2

What is Atheism?

I know this is a well-worn topic, but I think it is worth hashing over this old question one more time. First, some obvious points that many ignorant, bible-thumping, knuckle-dragging bigots are unable to grasp: 1. ATHEISM is not the same as MATERIALISM (not all atheists are materialists). 2. ATHEISM is not the same as What is Atheism?