Response to William Lane Craig – INDEX

The well-known Christian apologist Dr. William Lane Craig has read at least two of my posts from 2014 criticizing his case for the resurrection of Jesus, and he responded to some of my objections: Here are the blog posts of mine that Dr. Craig addresses: ==========================================  After discovering (completely by accident) that Dr. Craig had Response to William Lane Craig – INDEX

What is Atheism? – Part 2

Levels of Analysis I’m going to make a second attempt to clarify and define the word “atheism”.  This time, I will emphasize that the analysis and definitions exist at different levels.  Swinburne’s clarification and analysis of “God exists” makes use of different levels of definition or analysis: Level 0:  “God exists.” Level 1:  God exists What is Atheism? – Part 2

Happy Easter Dr. Craig

Last year I wrote several posts criticizing William Lane Craig’s case for the resurrection.  Here are several excerpts from those posts (plus links, in case you want to read the full post from which an excerpt was taken): =========== Some Skeptical Thoughts on the Resurrection 1. Geisler vs. Craig Norman Geisler makes an excellent point Happy Easter Dr. Craig

Lessing’s Broad Ditch and Brad’s Lesser Ditch

LESSING’S BROAD DITCH Quotations are from Lessing’s essay “On the Proof of the Spirit and of Power” from Lessing’s Theological Writings (hereafter: LTW), edited by Henry Chadwick. Reports of Miracles are not the same as Direct Observation of Miracles “The problem is that reports of fulfilled prophecies are not fulfilled prophecies; that reports of miracles are not Lessing’s Broad Ditch and Brad’s Lesser Ditch

“A Leap of Faith”

In a comment on my most recent post about Jesus’ use of the word “faith”, Stig Martinsen points to the phrase “a leap of faith” as evidence that Christians sometimes speak of “faith” in a way that implies belief that goes beyond reason or evidence.  I don’t plan to reply to his point here, but “A Leap of Faith”