Month: January 2021

Aquinas and Homosexual Sex – Part 6: Sexual Activity

HSIAO’S FAUX ARGUMENT Sometimes, Christian philosophers put forward pieces of crap that they pretend to be philosophical arguments, but that are just word salads that are posing as philosophical arguments.  The core “argument” in Tim Hsiao’s article “A Defense of the Perverted Faculty Argument against Homosexual Sex” (hereafter: PFA) appears to me to be one Aquinas and Homosexual Sex – Part 6: Sexual Activity

OFF TOPIC: Fallon’s Fallacy

I wrote and published a post recently in which I argued there is a good chance that someone (including possibly Donald Trump) will attempt to shoot, kill, or seriously harm Donald Trump in the next year or two. I also commented that I would NOT mourn such an event but would instead CELEBRATE such an OFF TOPIC: Fallon’s Fallacy


HELP THE FBI HUNT DOWN THE BASKET OF DEPLORABLESThe FBI is hunting down several of Donald Trump’s basket of deplorables who were involved in the INSURRECTION against our democracy.  You can help them by reviewing photos published by the FBI to see if you recognize anyone in the photos, and contacting the FBI with information THE FBI REQUESTS YOUR HELP