Propaganda Against RINOs and WOKEism


(2/2) No, Jesus Did Not Believe in the Inerrancy of the Bible: In Awe Of Jesus On The Cross


Certain “Alpha-Male Trump strategists” have positioned his base as one of hyper masculinity stereotyping. A large part of this is he has to make a case, not only against Biden, but also his GOP running mates. In this way we get new avenues of propaganda against RINOs (acronym for Republican In Name Only), and Wokeism (the idea that you’re “soft” if you are vocally alert to prejudice and discrimination).

This particular propaganda strategy sometimes creates its own problems of making the content creator (such as with the photoshop image below) a bigot, as we see from the pro-Trump lampooning of GOP candidate for president Mike Pence:

This is the environment that birthed the “Go Woke, Go Broke” movement that devastated companies like Budweiser.

That we live in a world where being woke is considered by some to be a character failing teaches us that a lot of work still needs to be done in the field of education and social justice.

By contrast, the propaganda narrative is a peaceful world when Trump held the nuclear keys

And of course the “Trump-ophany” of Trump throughout history like the supposed Christophany of Christ throughout the old Testament. Here Donald Trump builds the very first Apple computer in his parent’s garage – 1975: