Dr. Kipp Davis with How (not) to read the Talmud: Reviewing Richard Carrier’s “On the Historicity of Jesus”, Part 1

This is the first of three videos in which Kipp examines Richard Carrier’s handling and understanding of early Jewish literature in his book, “On the Historicity of Jesus,” which he uses to ground his “Minimal Jesus Myth” theory. In this video Kipp shows how Carrier clearly misreads the Babylonian Talmud. This first video looks at chapter 4-5 of Carrier’s On The Historicity Of Jesus to see if carrier gets the background context for Christian origins right.  Is Carrier’s presentation a good source for information about early Judaism?

Carrier has posted a response to Davis here:

Here is a selection from the response by Carrier:

This is reflective of Carrier’s responses to critics generally, and so we have a heightened example of this with Carrier responding to historian Tim O’Neil which is displayed on the landing page of Tim’s site:

McGrath posted on this issue a few years ago after numerous exchanges with Carrier: What Happens When You Review Richard Carrier

It’s interesting that you get a similar flavor with Trump responding to his critics, for instance:

  • “Congress will hopefully now look at the ever continuing Witch Hunts and ELECTION INTERFERENCE against me on perfectly legal Boxes, where I have no doubt that information is being secretly “planted” by the scoundrels in charge, the Perfect Phone Calls (Atlanta), the illegal DOJ/Pomerantz/Manhattan D.A. Hoax, where virtually EVERYONE agrees THERE IS NO CASE, and the NYSAG SCAM, where I have proven beyond a doubt that there is no case, but have a hostile Judge who should not be on this case!” he posted… “My New York State A.G. Case (she ran on “I will get Trump”), which should never have been brought except for ELECTION INTERFERENCE, should rightfully be in the Commercial Division, in front of another Judge, rather than the Trump HATER that refuses to let go of it because he wants to do a number on ‘TRUMP,’” he said. “It is all part of the same Witch Hunt, run out of D.C. by the DOJ, just as they ran the now fully debunked & discredited CROSSFIRE HURRICANE fiasco. Mark Pomerantz “played” in this one also!”

Anyway, that was round 1. Davis has 2 more videos coming critiquing Carrier. Should be interesting!