The Gospels And Trump Propaganda

Jesus as the New and Greater Moses

New Moses, New Exodus

Jesus: The New Moses

A “gospel” is propaganda, as this is where the term comes from. Hence, Helms comments that:

  • The syncretic flavor of Mark is at once evident from his reproduction of a piece of Augustan imperial propaganda: “The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ the Son of God” closely matches the formula found on a monument erected by the Provincial Assembly in Asia Minor (1st century BCE): “Whereas… Providence… has… brought our life to the peak of perfection in giving us Augustus Caesar… who, being sent to us and to our descendants as a savior…, and whereas… the birthday of the god has been for the whole world the beginning of the gospel (euaggelion) concerning him, let all reckon a new era beginning from the date of his birth.” (Helms, p. 24, via Price)

And so, for instance Matthew presents Jesus as the new and greater Moses. We are starting to see this in Trump propaganda art with Trump as a modern day founding father:

Martyr propaganda:

Along with the steady stream of less sophisticated propaganda art:

Why are we not seeing this with Biden?

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