(2/2)The Evangelical Christian Right: Solitude and Solitary / Atheism And The Poematic

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The Evangelical Christian Right: The Rise Of Prosperity Theology In America.

Now, the conclusion:

How is atheism poetical? 

Since the beginning of the West we have known the thinker is not “close to life,” the prime example being Thales walking along in contemplation and falling into a ditch.  If you are lost in thought, you’re no longer there (Nicht-Da-Sein in German, a particularly poematic language). It is a thing of solitude.

Original thinking is passive/receptive, as anyone knows who has struggled/searched for weeks in vain for an answer when suddenly ”it comes to you (Es Gibt in German).”

Memory is the mother of the muses for the Greeks, and so the poet gets that initial flash of insight, and writes trying to recollect all that was contained in that initial flash

Below, 2 minutes of Conservative Evangelical Mega Pastor Rod Parsley on people sowing a financial seed into his ministry to reap a blessing.  For the religious thinker, perhaps this is an occasion to reflect on all the ways you attempt to bribe God for favors. Bribery is as old as Christianity itself, such as with Paul’s famous “Polite Bribe.”

Thinking and the Solitary: No one can have your insights for you …