The Context Of Pulp Fiction

It’s fascinating to think how the context we are in shape us, what Philosophers call the Hermeneutic Circle. For example, if you are born in certain countries, there is a near 99% chance that one of your most fundamental ways of looking at yourself is that you would be muslim.

The movie Pulp Fiction was this sort of game changer when I was young. After seeing the movie my friends and I tried to mimic the dialogue and even imitate the actors’ mannerisms. This certainly led to some issue because there was a lot of problematic language in the film, like the N-word being used a lot, and so I can think of one time I used it imitating the movie that I regretted later.

It’s interesting to think of how our context fundamentally determines us. I am proud of my MA degree in Philosophy and worked hard to achieve it, but I know this wouldn’t even have been a possibility if I was born into poverty and disease in a third world country.