RIP Tina Turner

Music legend Tina Turner passed away today. Here is apologist Ray Comfort’s reaction:

  • The Queen of rock ‘n’ roll passed into eternity today. All the money that Tina Turner possessed, all her fame, all her awards, and accolades now mean nothing. The only thing that matters, is “Were her sins forgiven?” (Ray Comfort)

It never ceases to amaze me how some religious people unilaterally reject the fruits of this life, apparently forgetting that they also hold God created this life. I suppose Comfort has in mind Paul’s life in the Flesh vs life in the Spirit. The question is does the bible say so because it is right, or is it right because the bible says so? One of the great pieces of evidence we have is if a magical leprechaun erased every ounce of religion from the world and history, no new religion will emerge that is the same as any religion we have now. Christianity and its truth claims would never emerge again.