What I’m Watching

Not getting enough drama from watching Maury or Paternity Court? The world of online Religious Studies is bubbling with Derek Lambert at MythVision Podcast dropping Dr Robert M Price because of what Derek sees as Price’s extreme and racist views. Here Derek explains the issue:

And Price’s take on the matter:

I spent a long time researching and writing about Martin Heidegger, and he had a Nazi period, so I certainly understand the difficulty of dealing with a thinker who people routinely dismiss out of hand without even reading the thinker because of the thinker’s extreme views. That said, Heidegger is widely regarded as the greatest continental philosopher of the 20th century. Price’s New Testament Narrative As Old Testament Midrash is foundational, and as Alan Avery Peck says The Jewish Annotated New Testament takes the discussion forward in a fruitful manner.

It is unfortunate that the two greatest New Testament scholars on the topic of literary imitation, Robert M Price and Dennis R MacDonald (MacDonald doesn’t have controversy surrounding him, I just meant his theories haven’t yet made the inroads I think they one day will), will have to wait until a future comes when their works get the scholarly reception and appreciation they deserve.