Happy International Women’s Day!

I thought this International Woman’s day would be a good time to think about gender and sexuality.

We are all familiar with the current transgender controversy of biological males participating in women’s sports. Perhaps a way out of this controversial issue is to have a separate competition category for transgender athletes?

On the marriage front, we still very much operate in the ancient legal understanding of one married partner becoming the legal owner of their partner’s genitals. A related issue is marriage as ownership. We have over the past few days seen the resurgence of ownership issues with the Taliban making it illegal for women to divorce and so now need to return to an abusive husband. See :

In Afghanistan, Taliban Force Divorced Women Back To Abusive Ex Husbands

Abused for years by her ex-husband who broke all of her teeth, Marwa has retreated into hiding with her eight children after Taliban commanders tore up her divorce. Article:


So, in the west where even polyamory is becoming acceptable, I hope we can think of all people and their struggle for sexual and gender equality.