Religiocrazies and Scamvangelists Top 7: The Dark Side of Christian Televangelism

7. Coming in at number 7, we have the always ridiculous Peter Popoff selling the message that if you call in and request his miracle spring water, miracles will happen in your life:

6. At number 6, we have the extremely popular messianic rabbi Jonathan Cahn attempting to write new canon that America is currently under siege by three ancient spirits/gods, which he calls The Dark Trinity: the Possessor Baal, the Enchantress Ashtorah, and the Destroyer Molech. See esp 7:38-19:39:

5. Coming in at number 5, we have controversial pastors Marcus and Joni Lamb, leaders of the massive Daystar Television Network, spreading anti-vax misinformation about Covid … after which Marcus died … from Covid!:

Did Joni recant her anti-vax propaganda after Marcus died? Nope, she doubled down!

4. At number 4 we have multi-millionaire mega pastor Kenneth Copeland trying to justify his wealth and why he needs a private Jet. Apparently Kenny missed Jesus’ teaching to sell your possessions and give the money to the poor:

3. At number 3 we have the extremely popular Sid Roth, who thinks anyone who hallucinates or has a weird dream has had a genuine experience of the supernatural (see esp 0:00-7:39):

2. At number 2, we have CBN/Pat Robertson’s Superbook, high production value cartoons designed to indoctrinate children into the conservative Christian faith:

As a remedy for this malignant child indoctrination nonsense, I recommend the Secular Web Kids website where kids can learn to think critically about religious issues and make informed choices regarding worldviews:

1 And at number 1:

Fun Stuff:

Vaguely Religious Themed Songs With Catchy Tunes. My Favorite 2 are “My Church” by Maren Morris:


Alexandra Burke’s Version of “Hallelujah”