It’s That Gift Giving Time Of Year: The Historical Jesus Courses of Drs Allison and Carrier

Many secular people look at Jesus not as magical, but a human who became one of the most influential figures in history. The question is: what can we know about him? Derek Lambert of MythVision podcast along with recognized historical Jesus expert Dr. Dale C Allison have put together an online 8 part lecture course on what we can know about the historical Jesus! Why not share it with a friend? Here’s the teaser:

Matthew Hartke comments:

  • Seriously, there’s no scholar alive today more qualified to guide beginners through the complicated field of historical Jesus studies than Dale Allison, and @DerekPodcast is doing a tremendous service by making his work available to the general public at such an affordable price.

Derek (I think) used to be a mythicist and has interviewed Dr. Carrier many times, so this course should be excellent for anyone interested in the historical Jesus and Jesus historicity debate!

For the opposite side of the argument, Dr. Carrier is always offering online courses where you can learn about the mythicism argument, so check him out here on Jesus’s existence: