After School Secularism Programs

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Some schools, which hosted religious afterschool activity clubs for many years, are hosting secular based afterschool activity clubs. One of these secular clubs is The After School Satan Club, which doesn’t worship Satan, but adopts him as an imaginary mythological creature who embodies some key aspects of secularism such as freethought. Here is an article about one such afterschool secularism club:


  • After School Satan Clubs are sponsored by The Satanic Temple, a nontheistic religious organization based in Salem, Massachusetts, that pushes for the separation of church and state. They meet at select public schools where other religious clubs meet.
  • The Satanic Temple, which is separate from the Church of Satan, was founded in 2013. It does not worship Satan and its tenets declare that the freedoms of others should be respected, that people should have control over their own bodies and that scientific facts shouldn’t be distorted to fit one’s beliefs.
  • The After School Satan Club is to launch Dec. 5 at Golden Hills Elementary School in Tehachapi, a city in Kern County about 115 miles north of Los Angeles, said June Everett, an After School Satan Club campaign director. After School Satan Clubs are set up at the request of local parents, educators or other community members, according to the Satanic Temple website. Everett said a parent reached out a few months ago requesting the club, which will gather once a month through May 2023.

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